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Tracy Kintu

Art Director

Born in Uganda, raised in Sweden, studied in Germany. I have moved six times. Experienced the red ground in Kampala and the green grass of Uppsala – they are both my homes. Even though I might confuse people at times, I am never uncertain of who I am.

A hater of eggs. A lover of a good novel. An advocate for less screen time. And, an art director with a photography niche, that navigates towards work that intersects culture, fashion, beauty and social issues.  



Junior Art Director‭ 

Freelance Art Director‭ 2021

BETC Paris‭ ‬2021

Internship‭ ‬l‭ ‬Art director‭ ‬

Ogilvy Berlin‭ ‬2021

Internship‭ ‬l‭ ‬Art director‭ ‬

Publicis Milan‭ ‬2021

Internship‭ ‬l‭ ‬Art director‭ ‬


Miami Ad School Europe‭ ‬2019‭ | ‬2021

Diploma‭ ‬l‭ ‬Art direction

Beckmans College of Design‭ ‬2018‭ | ‬2019‭ 

Berghs School of Communication‭ ‬2018

Uppsala University‭ ‬2016‭ | 2017‭ ‬‭ ‬

Honors & Awards

Young Ones‭ Brief l ‬Bronze

Young Shits l Winner

Clio l Shortlist

New York festivals l Finalist

Young Ones‭ ADC l ‬Merit

Ad stars | Finalist

The Drum Chip Chop Awards | Finalist

Roger Hatchuel Student Academy l Alumni

Google Creative Campus l Alumni

The Crowbar awards | Finalist